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Serving the public interest by advancing client care and professional practice through evidence-based certification standards and the validation of knowledge essential for effective practice in occupational therapy.


Certified occupational therapy professionals providing effective evidence-based services across all areas of practice worldwide.

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Introducing the NBCOT Navigator®—Now Available

June 3,2015


New tool suite augments professional development efforts, elevates OTR® and COTA® certificants to stay at the top of their game

Erin Seidler, 202-828-9721,
Angela Macauley, 301-944-2104,

GAITHERSBURG, MD – The National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy, Inc. (NBCOT) continues to demonstrate its commitment to certified occupational therapy professionals and their employers with the launch of NBCOT Navigator®, a new suite of online competency development tools that augments and supports professional development efforts and competency goals.

The first of its kind, NBCOT Navigator uses interactive technology to provide an evidence-based competency development experience for certified occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants that:

  • Complements their current professional development plans and provides the opportunity to assess strengths and weaknesses;

  • Provides customized information on how to make improvements or chart a course to move into new practice areas; and

  • Enables them to earn Competency Assessment Units (CAU) toward their next certification renewal cycle.

“As practitioners, it’s not enough to just ‘keep up’ with research and new developments in the field; rather, it’s incumbent upon us to stay at the top of our game to benefit our clients and improve people’s lives,” said Paul Grace, MS, CAE, President & CEO for NBCOT. “NBCOT Navigator is a convenient, interactive and case-based way for OTs to sharpen their skills at any time and continually test their competency against contemporary practices standards.”

The NBCOT Navigator uses a self-reflection questionnaire to identify areas for professional growth and generates a custom list of tool recommendations to better help a user reach his or her continuing competency goals. OTR® and COTA® certificants then verify practice strengths by completing case simulations, matching games, and mini practice quizzes that result in customized feedback with recommendations for follow-up readings. The interactive tools address all areas of occupational therapy, including orthopedics, mental health, school based, home health, rehab inpatient, rehab outpatient, skilled nursing, education and research, health and wellness, work and industry, pediatrics, and administration management.

“NBCOT Navigator pointed out areas of the field that I know well and feel confident about but also helped me to identify areas that I would benefit from continuing education and areas of the field that I may not have considered bolstering my knowledge of but that it would be beneficial to,” said Michael Graham, OTR, Supervisor Therapy Services, Franciscan St. Elizabeth Health. “The challenge in this professional discipline is staying on top of evidence-based best practices, and the Navigator will definitely help me to stay more knowledgeable about the most recent studies, approaches and practices, ensuring that the interventions and services I provide offer the greatest quality of care and service for my clients.”

NBCOT Navigator is also designed to help employers facilitate the ongoing professional development and certification process of their occupational therapists and therapy assistants. Employers will be able to direct their staff to the tool suite at any time to measure themselves and test their competency against contemporary practice standards. As an online tool, use of NBCOT Navigator also allows staff greater flexibility with when and where they participate in professional development, reducing the need to step away from the work environment or their clients.

NBCOT developed NBCOT Navigator based on input from more than 2,500 certificants, regulators, and employers, collected in a practice analysis study aimed at identifying practice competency domains and tasks occupational therapists perform within those domains. The platform was tested by certificants and employers, who provided feedback to optimize the tool, providing the best user-experience for practitioners.

NBCOT Navigator will be available to OTR and COTA certificants on the MyNBCOT portal on beginning June 1st. Those who are currently certified as OTR and COTA and who use NBCOT Navigator will have access to a variety of knowledge-building games and learning tools, webinars, industry conferences, and other resources to help them on their life-long career journey.


The National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy, Inc. (NBCOT) is a not-for-profit credentialing agency that provides certification for the occupational therapy profession. NBCOT serves the public interest by advancing client care and professional practice through evidence-based certification standards and the validation of knowledge essential for effective practice in occupational therapy. The organization also works with state regulatory authorities, providing information on credentials, professional conduct, and regulatory and certification renewal issues.

NBCOT is leading the way in competency assessment and credentialing in the healthcare industry. The organization consistently has achieved accreditation in credentialing through the renowned National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). NBCOT is committed to setting the highest standards for practice excellence to ensure overall public protection and advancement of the credentials in an evolving healthcare industry. For more information, visit