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Serving the public interest by advancing client care and professional practice through evidence-based certification standards and the validation of knowledge essential for effective practice in occupational therapy.


Certified occupational therapy professionals providing effective evidence-based services across all areas of practice worldwide.

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NBCOT Navigator® Tool Suite

The NBCOT Navigator is a virtual platform housing a web-based assessment delivery engine and certificant dashboard.  The platform is designed to interface with a series of tools and resources to support certificants’ continued competency.  Through the platform, certificants can identify and access resources related to specific practice areas, receive feedback and track performance on an array of assessment tools, and organize documentation of completed professional development.

Two years ago, NBCOT launched this initiative to respond to an Institute of Medicine (IOM) report, titled “Health Professions Education: A Bridge to Quality,” which was a call for action to health professionals to reform and reinvigorate continuing competency. With the help and feedback from more than 2,500 certificants, regulators, and employers, NBCOT completed a practice analysis study to identify practice competency domains and tasks occupational therapists perform within these domains. Based on the results of that study, NBCOT developed the NBCOT Navigator. The interactive tool, built on a virtual platform, mimics real-life practice and case scenarios. The tools help OTR and COTA professionals assess their competency across all areas of occupational therapy, including orthopedics, mental health, school based, home health, rehab inpatient, rehab outpatient, skilled nursing, education and research, health and wellness, work and industry, pediatrics, and administration management.

NBCOT Navigator complements current professional development plans, but also provides customized information to identify areas of professional growth or chart a course to move into new practice areas. The tool suite also enables occupational therapy professionals to earn Competency Assessment Units (CAU) toward their next certification renewal. These interactive tools are also designed to help employers facilitate the ongoing competency assessment and professional development of their occupational therapists and therapy assistants.

How to Access the NBCOT Navigator

OTR and COTA certificants can access the NBCOT Navigator through the MyNBCOT portal on The tool suite can help prepare occupational therapists and therapy assistants for certification renewal, accrue Competency Assessment Units (CAU), and stay current in their practice areas year-round.
NBCOT Navigator is available to active OTR and COTA certificants.

How to Use the NBCOT Navigator

A user begins the NBCOT Navigator by completing the Self-Reflection questionnaire, which provides a customized list of tool recommendations to better help reach his or her continuing competency goals. Users then verify practice strengths by completing case simulations, knowledge match games, and mini practice quizzes that result in customized feedback with recommendations for follow-up reading.

The NBCOT Navigator is made up of the following components:

Self-Reflection Questionnaire
The questionnaire is a way for NBCOT Navigator to narrow down relevant practice areas and to make recommendations for tools to better help a user reach his or her continuing competency goals.


Case Simulations
Case simulations guide practitioners through different scenarios where they will learn about a case, interact and converse with patients, and decide which tests and strategies to use. This tool allows users to make decisions about real scenarios and to learn the proper way to respond to patients and their needs.


Mini Practice Quizzes
Quizzes test users on how to respond to different scenarios and situations and can range to up to 20 questions. After completing the quiz, users will receive information about how they scored relative to their peers to gauge their progress against other occupational therapy professionals.


Evidence-based Research – PICO Game
This component asks professionals to use the PICO method, along with evidence-based research, to assess four clients and to find existing research based on client needs.


Orthotic Builder
The Orthotic Builder tool assesses the OTR certificant's competency to select the optimal orthosis and make best practice fabrication decisions to support recovery from a range of hand injuries and conditions.


OT Knowledge Library
In this game, users have to match statements/terms to the correct categories before time runs out.


Custom Feedback & Reading List
At the end of every tool, a customized feedback and recommended reading list is shown. The list is based off the practice areas that the professional did not answer correctly to provide further educational tools for continued competency. These readings are automatically added to a user’s personal reading list.


Professional Development Provider Registry
This tool allows professionals to easily search for webinars, conferences, and other resources to help them on their professional development journey.

Online Self-Assessments
Professionals are able to assess where their strengths and weaknesses are in different practice areas. This allows the user to focus on areas where they can grow their strengths, or to assess learning needs before they transition to another practice area.

OT Evidence-based Research Portal (ProQuest & RefWorks)
The portal allows professionals easy access to a large database of evidence-based research articles and industry journals. ProQuest provides direct links to more than seven million citations, 875 full-text titles, and 12,000 full-text dissertations sourced from hundreds of renowned publications in the fields of science, medicine, and technology.

RefWorks is an online research management, writing, and collaboration tool to help certificants gather, manage, store, and share all types of information from ProQuest.

These resources will help professionals discover, streamline, and organize their OT evidence-based research.

Certification Renewal Activities Chart
The NBCOT Certification Renewal Activities Chart identifies ways to earn Competency Assessment Units (CAU) and Professional Development Units (PDU) toward certification renewal. Using this chart, OTR and COTA professionals can create a professional development continuing competency plan of their choice and select from a wide array of competency assessment and professional development activities. Take a look at the Certification Renewal Activities Chart here:

Certification Renewal Log
The Certification Renewal Log is a tracking resource that OTR and COTA professionals can use to update and manage their competency assessment and professional development activities. The user can track hours, upload course verification documents, and view the number of units needed for certification renewal. Plus, the units they earn through the NBCOT Navigator tools are automatically logged as earned units into their Certification Renewal Log on MyNBCOT.