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Serving the public interest by advancing client care and professional practice through evidence-based certification standards and the validation of knowledge essential for effective practice in occupational therapy.


Certified occupational therapy professionals providing effective evidence-based services across all areas of practice worldwide.

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Online Test Prep - OTR Exam

NBCOT offers online OTR practice tests that mirror the format and flow of taking timed examinations on a computer. Each Multiple-choice (M-C) practice test consists of 100 items reflecting current OTR certification examination content. Candidates are able to purchase and take these tests 24 hours a day wherever Internet access is available.

The OTR M-C practice test is offered in either a 2-hour version, simulating certification exam timed conditions, or a double-time 4-hour version. (The M-C practice test clock automatically accommodates for slow modems or busy Web periods.) At the end of the M-C practice test, candidates will instantly receive an online feedback report indicating their overall test results and domain-level performance. NBCOT does not provide item-level feedback or answers to the individual questions contained in these practice tests.

Note: Once you submit the practice test for scoring, you will not be able to access the test again. You will only be able to view your feedback report.

To order an OTR M-C practice test, candidates must log into their MyNBCOT account. Candidates who have not registered for an account will need to do so in order to access the practice test purchase options.

One section of the OTR certification exam includes clinical simulation (CS) problems. NBCOT offers 45-minute CS practice tests that allow candidates to experience the format and flow of OTR clinical simulation problems. Each CS practice test consists of three clinical simulation problems. Candidates taking a CS practice test work through a clinical simulation problem from opening scene all the way through the accompanying sections of the problem. At the end of the CS practice test, candidates receive feedback related to their section-level responses.

Note: Candidates may purchase both CS practice tests. However, delivery format and feedback reports for these CS practice tests vary slightly. Please refer to the free CS samples on MyNBCOT to view these variations.

To order a CS practice test, candidates must log into their MyNBCOT account. Candidates who have not registered for an account will need to do so in order to access the CS practice test purchase options.

OTR candidates can view a free online tutorial that explains the functionality of the clinical simulation and Multiple-choice sections of the OTR certification exam. By reviewing this tutorial before taking the actual examination, candidates can familiarize themselves with the overview of the format and flow of a CS problem and the procedures for selecting the responses to clinical simulation sections.

View the OTR exam tutorial.

It is suggested that you also view the tutorial provided prior to your exam at the Prometric Testing Center to ensure you have access to the most current exam instructions for your administration.