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NBCOT Practice Sims

Assess your clinical reasoning skills with virtual clients.

Help Virtual Clients Achieve Their Goals

  • Fun and interactive

    Audio introduction and conclusion, an informative case file, and interactive elements bring each of the virtual clients to life.

  • Easy to navigate

    A virtual mentor provides instructions and guidance throughout the simulation.

  • Practice-relevant clients, conditions, and settings

    OTR Practice Sims include 7 virtual clients.
    COTA Practice Sims include 4 virtual clients.

  • Challenges your OT knowledge and skills

    Hundreds of questions and possible response options.

  • Includes performance feedback

    Receive an overall score and suggested areas to focus your studying.

  • Available for use on a PC or laptop

    Due to the high level of interactivity and graphics, the Practice Sims are not mobile-friendly.

Your Questions About Practice Sims Answered


This is one of many study tools to prepare for the exam. Using this resource alone or with other resources does not guarantee a passing score on the certification examination.

Important Information

We are constantly making improvements to the accessibility features throughout the Aspire study tools. The most recent Accessibility Conformance Report is available upon request. Please refer to our Accessibility Statement if you would like to read more about our commitment to accessibility.

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