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Prepare for Your Exam with NBCOT Aspire Study Tools

Preparation and a Plan are Essential

Like many candidates, as you aspire to reach your certification goal, you are probably wondering, “How can I best prepare for the NBCOT® certification exam?” With the numerous options available, deciding which study tools to use can be a challenge. Should you use a study guide, practice test, flashcards, discussion groups, social media, school notes, specific texts, or lists and facts? Or will using a combination of all of these be most beneficial?

Well, unfortunately, there is no magic answer! Ultimately, you are the only person who can make that decision, taking into consideration your personal learning style, current academic strengths and weaknesses, clinical fieldwork experiences, and resources. One thing is for certain, however: following a realistic and well-planned study schedule can help you feel more prepared for the certification exam.

The NBCOT Aspire tools are one option that may fit your needs.

NBCOT's Aspire study tools are designed using the validated domain, task, and knowledge statements on which the certification exams are based.

Add the StudyPack to Your Preparation Plan

The NBCOT Exam StudyPack® is a comprehensive collection of tools that will test your domain-level knowledge as you prepare for the exam.


Assess your level of knowledge of entry-level OT practice.

Simulate your exam experience, practice time management, and get a scaled score report.

Knowledge Match icon

Test your recall ability of important OT terms and concepts in this fast-paced and fun matching game.

Available in hard copy or as an ebook, our Study Guide has more than 175 sample exam questions with answers & rationale for each.

Available as virtual decks, our flashcards let you sort and filter important OT definitions to help with recall ability and exam content organization.

Elevate your study plan and immerse yourself in the dynamic and interactive world of animated Practice Sims.


myEBPtool is an online digital notebook that seamlessly integrates the three core principles of evidence-based practice to facilitate occupational therapy planning.

Use this tool to access assessments and interventions tailored to specific conditions based on the latest evidence-based research.