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Voice a Concern

NBCOT has a responsibility to promote and maintain standards of professional conduct in occupational therapy practice to protect the public.

The Code of Conduct outlines the expectations for present and future OTR and COTAs. NBCOT has the authority to investigate complaints and may take action where there is clear evidence that a present or future certificant has violated the Code of Conduct. Sanctions imposed may range from private reprimands to the permanent loss of certification or ineligibility to take the exam.

Valid complaints are investigated and may take six to nine months, or longer, to conclude. Investigative findings are reviewed for possible disciplinary action according to the Procedures for the Enforcement of the Code of Conduct. NBCOT acts fairly in carrying out its responsibilities to the public and protecting the rights of accused individuals.

Public disciplinary action decisions are published in the NBCOT Disciplinary Action Summary on the NBCOT website.

File a Complaint

We have a responsibility to promote and maintain standards of professional conduct in occupational therapy practice in order to protect the public. To file a complaint against someone under NBCOT jurisdiction*, complete the form and submit evidentiary documentation to support your allegation. A complaint against an individual under NBCOT jurisdiction cannot be made anonymously; the individual accused has the right to know the nature of the complaint and the identity of the person who filed it.

*The NBCOT has jurisdiction over all individuals who are currently certified as an Occupational Therapist Registered (OTR®) or a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA®), those who have applied for certification or Occupational Therapist Eligibility Determination (OTED®), and over expired certificants when they apply for late renewal or reinstatement of certification. NBCOT also has jurisdiction over all individuals who have applied for an Early Determination Review to determine eligibility to take the certification examination.

Report Misuse

The credentials OTR® and COTA® are U.S. government registered trademarks assigned to NBCOT®. In order for an individual to identify themselves to the public using the OTR® or COTA® certification marks, their certification status with NBCOT must be active and in good standing.

A report of an individual outside of NBCOT jurisdiction who is misusing the OTR® or COTA® credential may be made anonymously by sending an email to describing the misuse. Evidence such as a copy of documentation or a website link that shows the individual misusing the credential is required.

Helping a Friend or Cheating? NBCOT Explains

Watch this very important video on cheating. Protect the integrity of the credential and the profession.

How to know if a peer, student, or other individual is cheating and violating the NBCOT Code of Conduct. Protect yourself and the integrity of the credential and the profession.