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Get Certified

Learn about the steps you need to take on your journey to earning your OTR or COTA certification.

Your certification journey starts here and we’re ready to help you along the way

This is the starting point for any OT or OTA student who is finishing up their coursework and starting to think about the NBCOT certification exam. Below is everything you need to get started on the path towards becoming a #futureOTR or #futureCOTA.

Don't skip out on reading this before you apply.

We are here to help guide you through the process of earning your national board certification. Our team is committed to providing you with the resources you need.

    Our online handbook is your source for all details related to the exam and getting certified. You don't want to skip out on reading this.

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      Learn about the education requirements for certification. They are different for those educated in the U.S. and internationally educated students.

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      Stay updated, access study tools, and apply for the exam. It's free to sign up and never too early to do so.

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      It’s important to be prepared and to use tools that match your learning style.

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      Learn about how to apply for the exam and receive your ATT letter.

    • 5

      Learn how to schedule your exam, when exams are scored, and important dates that could affect you.

    • 6

      Learn about what to expect on exam day and how you can prepare yourself for your big day.

    • 7

      Review the answers to some common questions about the exam day.

    • 8

      Certification is not the same as licensure. Follow these additional steps to obtain a license.

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    Learn what is covered on the exam. Before you begin studying, review this important information.

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    94% of students say that the StudyPack is an effective exam preparation tool.

    Review the services available to you as you prepare to apply for the exam.

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    Keep updated on all the latest info about the exam, find out about contests for free tools, and stay connected with NBCOT