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Verify an OTR® or COTA®
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Verification of Certification

If you wish to have NBCOT send a Verification of Certification letter to a state board, employer, or agency, submit a request.

Fee: No cost

Score Transfer

Order a Score Transfer if you would like NBCOT to send an electronic copy of your score to the state regulatory board(s) of your choosing. The Score Transfer will be sent within three business days of receipt of the request. Order through your MyNBCOT account.

Fee: $35 USD per Score Transfer

Duplicate Certificate Request

You must be Active in Good Standing with NBCOT to request a duplicate certificate. You can submit a request through your MyNBCOT account.

Fee: $30 USD per certificate

Name Change

NBCOT requires legal documentation in order to process a name change. If your name has changed, you must submit a request and the required documentation through your MyNBCOT account.

You will receive an email notification when your record has been updated or if more documentation is needed. Please allow up to three business days for processing.

Internationally Educated Credential Evaluation Letter

This letter confirms to state regulatory boards and other third parties that the international eligibility review process was completed for an internationally educated occupational therapist, including exam approval and certification status.

If a state regulatory board requests that you provide a Credential Evaluation Letter, submit the Credential Evaluation Letter for State Purposes form. 

If you need a Credential Evaluation Letter for personal use (intended for employers, immigration purposes, etc.), submit the Credential Evaluation Letter for Personal Use form. 

Fee: $35 USD per letter

Visa Credential Verification Certificate (VCVC)

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has granted NBCOT approval to issue health care worker certificates to individuals coming into the United States to practice occupational therapy. 

NBCOT offers the Visa Credential Verification Certificate (VCVC) process for such individuals. 

For information about the VCVC process, please review the VCVC Handbook. 

Fee: $500 USD

Important Note: 

VCVC applications not completed within one year of submission will become inactive. If you wish to reactivate your VCVC file with NBCOT, you should submit the VCVC Application Reactivation Request form and the appropriate fee.  

Any VCVC application that is inactive for up to two years will be closed. 

VCVC Renewal

You must renew your VCVC certificate every five years.

If you have obtained a permanent visa or become a U.S. citizen, you do not have to renew your VCVC, but you must notify NBCOT of your updated immigration status.

To complete the VCVC renewal process, you will need to provide your updated work history and current licensure status.

NBCOT recommends that you submit your renewal application two to three months prior to your VCVC "Valid Through" date.

For information about the VCVC renewal process, please review the VCVC Renewal Handbook.

Fee: $275 USD

Duplicate VCVC Certificate

If you lose your VCVC certificate or you need a new one because your name changed, you can request a duplicate certificate. 

To order a duplicate VCVC certificate, submit the VCVC Duplicate Certificate Request form

Fee: $100 USD

State Reactivation

Certain states require that you retake the certification exam if you have been absent from practice for a specified time. NBCOT works with state regulatory boards to administer the current certification exam for state reactivation.

If you are required to take the exam for state reactivation, the state board must approve your eligibility before you can take the exam by submitting the form below.

Regulator Approval Form for State Reactivation

Once NBCOT receives the Regulator Approval Form for State Reactivation from the state board, you will receive an email with instructions on how to apply for the certification exam.

For more information, please review the State Reactivation Handbook.

Important note: 

Retaking the exam solely for state reactivation does not affect your current NBCOT certification status. 

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