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NBCOT Flashcards

Study for the certification exam anywhere, at any time. The online Flashcards are easy to use and filled with practice-relevant content.

  • Online tool with over 500 terms and definitions across the domain areas of the OTR or COTA exam outline 
  • Mobile and tablet friendly 
  • Reset mode that lets you review the deck from the beginning 
  • Customizable settings to enable learning in Study or Quiz mode
  • Sorting feature allows you to place cards into piles of terms you know ("Know It") and terms you want to review ("Study It")

Access Flashcards through Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. They are not currently supported on Safari.

The NBCOT Flashcards have helped me review key terms and definitions.  I can access them at anytime so it's been easy to just look them over on my phone while waiting for appointments or between classes.
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Test your knowledge today with over 500 terms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I access the Flashcards?
    Once purchased, the Flashcards can be accessed anywhere an internet connection is available by clicking on My Study Tools in the Study Tools section of your MyNBCOT.
  2. Is there a limit to how many times I can access the Flashcards?
    No. Once you purchase the Flashcards, you have unlimited access.

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