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Knowledge Match Game

Test your OT knowledge in a fun and interactive online environment with the Knowledge Match Game. Use your speed and recall ability to match statements to corresponding categories.

  • Total of 20 online games covering a range of OT topics 
  • Tablet friendly 
  • Receive immediate feedback throughout game play with progress readily visible 
  • Includes a recommended reading list at the end of each game 
  • Option to move to the next game, or choose to challenge your score by replaying
  • Knowledge Match is part of the NBCOT Exam StudyPack. Check out this comprehensive tool that contains all of NBCOT’s Aspire study tools as well as products you cannot buy outside of the StudyPack.
This is one of a number of NBCOT study tools designed to assist candidates with their exam preparation. NBCOT does not guarantee enhanced performance on the NBCOT certification exams for those using these products.

This game was a fun and interactive way to study, it almost felt like I wasn't studying at all!
OT Student

Knowledge Match Game

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I access my Knowledge Match Game?
    Your purchased Knowledge Match Game can be accessed anywhere an internet connection is available by clicking on My Study Tools in the Study Tool section of your MyNBCOT account.
  2. How many games are included?
    There are 20 games, covering 20 different OT topics.
  3. How many knowledge statements are included?
    There are over 600 OT knowledge statements included.
  4. How many times can I play the games?
    Once you purchase the Knowledge Match Game, you have unlimited game play.

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