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NBCOT Self-Assessment

Free tool to identify your knowledge, skills, and experience in entry-level OT practice.

Free Tool for OT and OTA Students

The self-assessments are a great place to start to help you create your own study plan and start to target your focus.

Why Use a Self-Assessment

  • Identify gaps

    Use the tool before and after fieldwork to streamline your study plan

  • Find strengths and weaknesses

    Focus on areas of the content outline where your knowledge is low

  • Included in the StudyPack

    The self-assessment is included in the StudyPack

Entry-Level Self-Assessment for OTR

Use this self-assessment if you are an OT student in an MOT or OTD program.

Entry-Level Self-Assessment for COTA

Use this self-assessment if you are an OTA student in an associate or a bachelor's program.

Self-Assessment Questions Answered 

Take a self-assessment first to see where you have strengths and weaknesses

*This is one of many study tools to prepare for the exam. Using this resource alone or with other resources does not guarantee a passing score on the certification examination