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Certification Matters

A commitment to the highest standards of professional competency, public safety, ethical conduct standards, and recertification requirements for continued competence.

Over 200,000 occupational therapy practitioners maintain their national certification.

Here's why OTRs and COTAs value their certification throughout their career:

    • Demonstrates their commitment to the profession.
    • Holds them to the highest standards of conduct.
    • Provides professional credibility.
    • Provides a national standard for OT practice.

    Employers Value Certification for Occupational Therapy

    • Provides a standard national level of participation and accountability

    • Shows OT professionals are committed to their profession

    • Ensures continuing professional growth and development

    • Demonstrates that OT professionals are invested in themselves

    • Adds value to serving the public interest

    Cheryl Strickland

    I have been an occupational therapist for almost 40 years, and I believe that certification and licensure are important to our profession, and I expect all my therapists to be professionals. Certification is also helping them keep up with their skills and competency

    Maintaining Your National Certification Provides Flexibility

    You can use the same professional development for your certification and your licensure. You do not need to duplicate efforts in any state.

    Eleven states accept current NBCOT certification as an option for fulfilling state licensure renewal requirements: Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, South Carolina (NBCOT certification is a requirement for licensure), South Dakota, and Vermont.

      U.S. map with states colored in that accept NBCOT certification as an option for fulfilling state licensure requirements.

      Promote Your Certification with Pride

      When you renew your OTR or COTA certification, you are awarded a digital badge to showcase and share your achievements with others.

      Share your badge with your employer(s), add it to your LinkedIn profile, post it on social media, and add it to your email signature. Individuals who view your badge will see information related to your certification.

      OTR and COTA digital badge icons

      Let the Navigator Guide You to Evidence

      The NBCOT Navigator is an evidence-based suite of online tools designed to help you stay on top of your game. You can accrue all 36 units from Navigator! Look out for more tools coming soon.

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