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Verify an OTR® or COTA®
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Score Transfer

Order a Score Transfer if you would like NBCOT to send an electronic copy of your score to the state regulatory board(s) of your choosing. 

A state board will NOT automatically receive your score unless you order a Score Transfer. All states accept scores except Hawaii.

You can order Score Transfers through your MyNBCOT account before, during, and after the exam process.

Ordered items cannot be canceled, refunded, or exchanged. See NBCOT's refund policy

Fee: One free Score Transfer if requested at the time of your exam application submission. $35 for each additional request.

Eligibility Confirmation Notice

The Eligibility Confirmation Notice confirms that you have applied for and are eligible to take the certification exam. You can have a notice sent electronically to a state board, or by postal mail to an employer or yourself.

The Eligibility Confirmation Notice includes:

  • Confirmation that your exam application, fees, and academic documentation have been processed
  • Confirmation that you are approved to schedule your test date at a Prometric test center
  • Your exam history: a listing of your exam dates from 2004-present

You can order Eligibility Confirmation Notices through your MyNBCOT account before taking your exam if you are obtaining a temporary state license.

For a list of states that do not accept Eligibility Confirmation Notices, please refer to the Certification Exam Handbook.

Ordered items cannot be canceled, refunded, or exchanged. See NBCOT's refund policy.

Fee: One free Eligibility Confirmation Notice if requested at the time of your exam application submission. $35 for each additional request.

Reissue of ATT Letter

If you wish to have an ATT letter reissued, you may do so through your MyNBCOT account

If your exam application is more than three months old, the ATT letter may not be reissued; a new exam application must be submitted.

During this challenging time, NBCOT will be waiving the fees related to reissuing your ATT letter. ATT letters will increase from 90 days to 180 days. Exam application expirations will also increase from three months to six months.1

Please refer to the Certification Exam Handbook for more information.

Fee: $85 per letter – This fee is currently being waived due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Testing Accommodations

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as amended, NBCOT provides reasonable and appropriate testing accommodations (TA) for exam applicants with documented disabilities, as defined by the ADA, who are otherwise eligible to take the OTR® or COTA® exam.

TA requests are reviewed based on the applicant's specific request, the nature of the disability, and required supporting documentation. Reasonable TA do not alter the fundamental purpose or nature of the exam, or impose an undue burden on NBCOT. TA requests that are submitted without an exam application or that are incomplete will not be reviewed.

Applicants with a transitory or temporary condition (e.g., sprains, fractures, or medical emergencies) who would like to request TA should contact NBCOT as soon as possible BEFORE the exam is scheduled to take place.

To view a list of pre-approved personal items that do not require a request for testing accommodations, see Pre-Approved Personal Items.

Please refer to the Testing Accommodations Handbook for information about requesting TA.

Character Review

To ensure the protection of the public, all first-time exam applicants undergo a character review. There are eight character questions on the exam application that all applicants must answer. You must submit documentation related to any affirmative response. NBCOT will also conduct a background check, using a third-party vendor, for all first-time applicants as well as anyone reapplying with a new affirmative answer.

Please refer to the Certification Exam Handbook to review the eight character questions and for specific information about the character review process.

For details on NBCOT’s disciplinary action process, visit the Professional Conduct page.

Early Determination

If you plan on entering or have already entered an occupational therapy degree program, you can choose to undergo the character review prior to applying for the exam by requesting an Early Determination Review.

After NBCOT has completed its Early Determination Review, you will be notified in writing about whether you will be eligible to take the certification exam, provided that all eligibility requirements are met at the time you apply.

In order to find out if an issue resulting in a "Yes" answer to a character question would result in ineligibility for the exam, you will need to undergo the character review process either through Early Determination Review or when you apply for the exam after graduation.

To request an Early Determination Review, complete and submit the Early Determination Review Payment Form.

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